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I’m Gonna Kick Somebody’s Ass: 6 Easy Steps for Ringtone Conversion

October 22, 2013, by Ben, category Rants, Rambles and Randoms

Amidst a completely unrelated topic, my sister sent me this cute little chick video yesterday. She wanted to make it into a ringtone. Simple enough, right?



Now, if your computer wasn’t muted, you also heard the hilarious little voiceover song. Long story short, she wanted this song as her ringtone.


To me, as a tech/creative guy who spends way too much time in front of a computer with media files, the task wasn’t simple, but simply explained. I rattled off a few filenames and terms and suggested some Googling. So here’s a bit of a tutorial for those of you who see a video on Facebook and would like to turn it into your ringtone for an iPhone. Android’s are a little easier in that you can select more than one type of file as a ringtone.


Step 1: Find your Video and download it.

This can be incredibly easy, or incredibly hard. Unless you know you way around a browser’s activity window, use popular tools like Downvids to download your file. Just paste in the url and click the download button.

Paste URL Here


Step 2: Avoid ads.

Most of these free sites are covered in ads that display “Play” and “Download” buttons that you should not click. After finishing step 1, you should see a box like this, with a different title, but same idea.


Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 9.55.44 AM


Step 3: Download.

Right click on the download button as stated. I’m using Google Chrome and my option is “Save Link As…” but others may be “Save target as…” or “Save as…”

Then, select where you would like to save it, your Desktop may be the easiest for the purposes of this. Once it has saved, find the file. My file is in .mp4 format (it will usually be .mp4, .flv, .or a variation of .mov from YouTube or Facebook, but some variations will occur.)


Save Link as.



Step 4: Convert to iPhone.

Again, there a a plethora of ways to do this. Easiest way is to use an online converter. I’m using Online Audio Converter. Go ahead and open your file and select iPhone ringtone in the second box. Quality is up to you. I am going to go with 128kbps, a pretty standard rate for ringtones and lower quality audio. Your screen should look something like this:


iPhone option


Step 5: Convert.

Click “Convert.” You’ll see this window after a second:


Download 2


Go ahead and click the download link. The file will be saved in your downloads folder by default.


Step 6: Add to iTunes.

Open up iTunes on your computer. Go to File>Add to Library.

Add to Library


Navigate to your downloads folder and select the ringtone. The file will be added to your iTunes Library.


Step 7: Add to your iPhone.

Go to Tones in your iTunes library. This is a part of the drop down on the top left.




Drag and drop your tone onto your iPhone.


Drag and Drop



Then, on your phone, go into Settings>Sounds>Ringtone and your new tone should be at the top of the list.



Select it and you’re good to go! Don’t forget to subscribe for more insights, tech help, and ramblings!


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